Avysion Healthcare Services provides multidisciplinary, service-based approaches that focus on producing measurable results, improved member care quality and effective cost containment to address the healthcare services needs of our various public sector clients.

With a focus on Medicaid and DoD healthcare populations and the care organizations that provide service to them, Avysion has proven and demonstrated expertise in providing a broad range of case management, medical home redirection and other administrative healthcare solutions that produce quantified, measurable results by improving member health and reducing healthcare delivery costs.

With our extensive in-house clinical staff providing both physical and behavioral health expertise, along with software services provided by our technology division, Avysion IT, our capabilities extend across both the fee-for-service (FFS) and capitated managed care service delivery programs and systems.

With competencies in Case Management, Utilization Management and Review, Quality Reviews and Audits and Administrative Support Services and Software, Avysion understands the complexities of addressing the unique physical, behavioral and pharmaceutical health issues occurring within these populations and the methods of removing barriers to effective care delivery and medical home redirection.


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